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Yoga Styles

Supportive, Dynamic and Meditative

Our Style


At Liquid Room, we offer a variety of yoga classes to suit different individual needs. Our more dynamic style of practice is Vinyasa, a style of yoga that synchronises the flow of breath through carefully planned yoga sequences. We offer 4 variety of Vinyasa style of classes:

  • Foundation Flow
  • Slow Flow
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Dynamic Flow

These sequences are designed to develop strength and flexibility, eliminate toxins through building heat and to connect the mind and body. For a more recovery and restorative practice, we offer YIN Yoga and Mellow flow which focusses on practicing yoga through releasing our body passively in a series of postures, using supportive props to promote deep relaxation. See below for more detailed descriptions of all our classes.

Foundation Flow


Whether you’re a beginner or advance practitioner, our Foundation Flow is designed to carefully guide each student with detailed alignment cues for every individuals to learn and improve their body within each postures. This class will be guided at a slower pace while maintaining the balance of strength and flexibilities. This class is also recommended to anyone who are new to yoga practice.

Slow Flow


Find a balance between strengthening and softening of the body with our Slow Flow as you will be guided through each posture at a slower to moderate pace, focussing on subtle shift in the body in order to achieve the full expression of each postures. This class is suitable to all levels.

Energise Flow


Start your day fully energised and ready to take on any challenges with our Energise flow. These classes are provided as 55 minutes classes rather than our usual 75 minutes classes to provide more flexibilities to individuals with limited time. This class is perfect for any levels of student, from beginners to advance, and in particularly athlete (runners, cyclist, triathlete, etc) looking to incorporate cross training movements outside of their core training to balance every aspect of the body.

Dynamic Flow


Our Dynamic Flow focuses on a variety of postures, practiced at a higher intensity and pace, aimed at increasing heart rate to develop stamina, improve cardiovascular system and to eliminate toxins through building heat. You’ll be guided with proper alignment cues and be provided variations that best suit your body. This class is recommended for individuals who have a regular yoga practice (once or twice weekly) or looking to progress towards a stronger practice.



Our Yin / Yang Flow incorporates both dynamic, vinyasa base flow to enhance our ‘Yang’ energy coupled with long holding of Yin postures to deepen muscle and joint release into our deep connective tissues. By combining both practices, we will learn how to cultivate stillness within ourselves and utilise this calming energy to enhance our dynamic practice, therefore deepening our practice. The practice of Yin/Yang Yoga is a beautiful marriage of effort and surrender, and helps us learn about stillness in movement and movement in stillness.
Bring an open mind and this class is suitable to all levels of practitioner.

Community Flow


“Giving back to the community”is the philosophy behind our Community Flow yoga class.This initiative’ s aim isto provide anyone within the community to attend a yoga class based on a donation payment scheme to the instructor.You will decide onhow much you would like to donate to the class after you’ ve attended, At the same time, Liquid Room would like to support the yoga teaching community and would invite teachers who are currently in training or recently graduated from a respectable and reputable yoga school to guide the session, allowing them to have the opportunity to grow and be mentored byour staff.This mutually beneficial initiative encourages the practice of yoga tobe assessable and shared by everyone within the community.