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Supportive, Dynamic and Meditative

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At Liquid Room, we offer a variety of yoga classes to suit different individual needs. Our more dynamic style of practice is Vinyasa, a style of yoga that synchronises the flow of breath through carefully planned yoga sequences. We offer 3 variety of Vinyasa style of classes, ie. Foundation Flow, Slow Flow, and Vinyasa Flow. These sequences are designed to develop strength and flexibility, eliminate toxins through building heat and to connect the mind and body.

For a more recovery and restorative practice, we offer YIN Yoga which focusses on practicing yoga through releasing our body passively in a series of postures, using supportive props to promote deep relaxation.

Finally, each Sunday of every Month, we offer FREE Meditation sessions to all our Liquid Room members to enjoy the practice of stillness and to learn therapeutic breathing techniques to assist in stress release and improved sleep. To learn more about meditation, click here.

See below for more detailed descriptions of all our yoga classes.

Foundation Flow (60 / 75 min)


Whether you’re a beginner or advanced practitioner, our Foundation Flow is designed to carefully guide you with detailed alignment cues so that every student can learn and improve within each posture.  This class will be guided at a slower pace while maintaining the balance of strength and flexibilities. This class is also recommended to anyone who is new to yoga practice.

Slow Flow (60 / 75 min)

Find a balance between strengthening and softening the body with our Slow Flow.  You will be guided through each posture at a slower to moderate pace, focusing on subtle shifts within the body in order to achieve the full expression of each posture. This class is suitable for all levels.

Energise Flow (45 min)


Start your day fully energised and ready to take on any challenges with our Energise Flow. These classes are 60 minutes classes rather than our usual 75 minutes to provide more flexibility for individuals with limited time. This class is perfect for all student levels, from beginners to advance, and is particularly beneficial for athletes (runners, cyclist, triathlete, etc) looking to incorporate cross training movements outside of their core training  in order to balance every aspect of the body.

VINYASA FLOW (60 / 75 min)

Our Vinyasa Flow focuses on a variety of postures, practiced at a higher intensity and pace, aimed at increasing heart rate to develop stamina, improve cardiovascular system and to eliminate toxins through building heat. You’ll be guided with proper alignment cues and be provided variations that best suit your body. This class is recommended for individuals who enjoy higher intensity and yet gentle practice.  This class is suitable for everyone.

YIN YOGA (60 / 75 min)

Yin Yoga is a slow, steady and often stationary yoga practice, utilising postures that focusses on our functional and energetic body.  Yin yoga postures target deep connective tissues, nourishing our joints as we move through nonaggressive and sensitive poses, allowing our breath to be slow as individuals ease into the intensity of each pose with time.  The slow release or process of ‘letting-go’ improves our energy flow ( chi / prana ), mobility and promote calmness. This class also caters to those who are simply looking for a good STRETCH to release muscle tensions. This class is great for athletes, anyone recovering from injuries, mature students, or someone who lives an active, busy and/or stressful lifestyle.

This is class is suitable to All levels, including someone who does not have a consistent yoga practice.