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Monthly Classes

Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga Nidra




“Guide Your Mind To Relaxation”
with Vivienne Law
Sunday 5pm
Free for Members / Drop in $10 per person
2024 Dates: 18th Feb | 24th Mar | 21 Apr | 19th May | 16th Jun 
21st Jul | 18th Aug | 22nd Sept | 20th Oct | 17th Nov | 15th Dec


On the 3rd Sunday of every month, at 5:30pm (60 min), you will have the opportunity to explore and experience various styles of meditation.  We will be rotating classes between Traditional Meditation Practices, Pranayama Breathwork and Yoga Nidra to allow individuals to explore and experience the benefits of Meditation across various traditions and cultures.  You will be guided by our experienced teachers who are passionate and have knowledge on how it can be incorporated into your daily lifestyles.

During each session, you’ll walk away feeling empowered to continue practicing in your own home and enjoy the benefits of these practices which has been known to improve sleep, promote calm and wellbeing.

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with Jess / Ivy
Tuesday 9:30am / Tuesday 6:30pm
Free for Members / Drop in $10 per person
2024 Dates: 25th June


Each month on a Tuesday, you will be guided through a tailored breath-focused practise. These sessions aim to not only teach you a number of powerful breath practises in class, but to give you the tools to continue the practises learnt at home, which we can then build upon in next month’s session.

By using both our breath, mantra and traditional Himalayan Kundalini Kriya (internal action) practises, we aim to shift, build and move energy and/or prana within the body.  This is said to have a powerful effect on the body, mind and mood.

These practises have the capacity to cultivate a sense of vitality and fire – taking us out of inertia, and releasing what does not serve us, but they also have the ability to soften, calm and ground.

*Please note:

Because pranayama can promote strong emotional and physical release, it is not recommended for persons with the conditions listed below:

  • Pregnant women
  • People under 18
  • People with recent physical injury or surgery
  • People with severe mental illness
  • People using major medications
  • People with a personal or family history of aneurisms
  • People with a history of cardiovascular disease (including high blood pressure)
  • People with Asthma should check with a doctor.
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