Inhale... Exhale...
Enjoy a few calming breaths while we are


Fridays 6.30pm & Sundays 5.15pm

Guide Your Mind To Relaxation


Meditation in itself does a lot of wonders to one’s overall well-being – – mind, body and spirit.  Most meditation practices can be done without any instructor, however, it is much more ideal to have somebody lead you through the meditating process, helping you achieve a higher level of peacefulness.

Through proper guidance, you can learn to achieve clarity in your mind, therefore, helping you focus on things which truly matter in your life.

So, please join our Meditation class and allow our experienced meditation teacher to guide you into deep relaxation and self-awareness.


Is the same rate as yoga class passes.  Purchase a casual class at $26 or learn more about our class passes by clicking here.


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