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Workshop Series

January 2017



For Levi, true yoga resides in the breath. It’s the difference between simply stretching and opening a channel to profound realisation.

That channel has expanded considerably since he first experienced it while he was a breakdancer. From a trickle, it’s become a stream, and now a full-fledged river. Perhaps the biggest single influence was his first yoga teacher training, in Sedona, Arizona, in 2007, when he stopped eating meat and sugar, drinking alcohol and caffeine, and using drugs.

Following that training, Levi lived with a shaman in Sedona for a couple of months, then moved to Portland to live in all-male spiritual community named The Men’s Vision House, where he taught yoga and studied pranayama, meditation, and Iyengar restorative yoga. By this time, the narrow channel he’d originally opened was becoming a rushing torrent.

Levi is certified to teach pranayama through Kaivalyadhama, one of the first yoga research centers in the world by his teacher, the living pranayama master, Shri O.P. Tiwari.

Levi also apprentices with Linda Star Wolf, founder of Shamanic Breathwork. He is a level two Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and an Ordained Shamanic Minister through Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

Levi grounds all of these aspects through his daily yoga practice with his teachers Prem and Radha Carlisi at the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center. Two of the most experienced practicioners of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition.

Levi now lives in Bali, Indonesia. You can find Levi teaching regular classes, hosting workshops, immersions and teacher trainings at the world renown Yoga Barn in Ubud, or on his international travels to your local studios, sacred locations and conscious culture festivals world-wide.