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Wholesale YOGA PROPS

  • CLEAN Anti-bacterial Yoga Mat (non rubber) – Black at $40 

(I would suggest also heading to lululemon in Moorabbin DFO to purchase rubber mats, which usually cost more than the one I can source but will be cheaper than most other brands).

  • Natural Cork Block $20 each + GST (we recommend buying 2)
  • Black Large Bolster at $65 + GST
  • Cotton Straps 3m x 25mm at $20 + GST
  • Standard Economy Grey Stripe Blankets at $25 + GST



(includes all single items above)

  • To add an extra block -> $190 + GST

Please email enquiries@liquidroom.com.au expressing which prop and quantity.  Include in email as follows:

Email Subject: Yoga Props Order


Full Name:

Mobile Tel:

Item and Quantity or Yoga KIT (extra block optional):

ALL ORDERS IN BY Wednesday April 8th 2020.  We will contact you for payments prior and to confirm stock availability with our supplier.

PICKUP will be arrange once we receive these props which we hope would be by FRIDAY April 10th!