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Personal Development Workshops

Sunday Dec 17th 2023



The Art of

Journaling and Goal Setting with Intent


 Discover ways to set achievable goals using planners and journals
with Michelle Reinhardt
Sunday Dec 17th, 5pm  (2.5hr), $59


Let’s START THE NEW YEAR Diving into the methods of structured journaling and goal setting.


Have you been wondering how to set plans and routines but unable to sustain it?

Have you been struggling with keeping up with a consistent journaling practice?

Have you find it overwhelming to set schedule and planning using your journals and diaries?


If any of the above resonates with you, this workshop will set you on a clear path to beginning a successful journaling practice to achieve your goals and dreams for 2024 and beyond! We will open our session with guided Yoga Nidra and Focus Meditation to bring you clarity and presence. This will help you tune into your deep desires and dreams to create a foundation for the rest of the workshop focusing on the following approach: Transforming your Visions into achievable Goals and Actions. Forming good habits of planning, scheduling and journaling. Using Journaling as a powerful tool for manifestation. Structuring your goals and actions into your planner (included as a gift) for 2024 and beyond.

Your Take Away:

You will be provided with templates and worksheets to begin the planning phase using a 2024 planner (provided) to initiate and establish all the actions to achieve the goals. You’ll walk away feeling empowered and organised to begin manifesting your dream life.

Limited to 24 attendees. Non-refundable and transferrable to another attendee with 48 hours notice via email or phone. Age 16 and over only.



Michelle‘s journey of mindfulness started in 2010 while still at school, with colourful yearly calendars and beautiful booklets where every page started with ”Dear Diary …“.

Filling journal after journal, Michelle realised that she was able to accomplish her goals and plans with the journaling techniques she has built over the years. This realisation was the beginning of creating her dream life. Her tried and tested techniques have helped her manifested and achieved all her goals, and most recent, living her childhood dream of moving to Australia, leaving her hometown in Austria.