Inhale... Exhale...
Enjoy a few calming breaths while we are

Sound Bath At Home




The joy of a Sound Bath is the opportunity for you to lie down, listen deeply with your whole body and go inwards, as you may access a consciousness that lies between sleeping and waking. Here you may be transported to states of stillness, meditation, bliss, expansion of consciousness and self-healing.

Sound Bath participants variously report powerful bodily sensations and brain states often accompanied by creative thought, rich imagery, insights, and feelings of rest and timelessness. This unique composition of frequencies and harmonics produces a soundscape that washes over you, releasing bodily tension and produces a relaxation response lowering stress, cortisol and adrenaline levels. We invite you to explore new ways of listening and responding, as the ear hears, the brain listens and the body senses vibrations.

As we are currently unable to bring you IN STUDIO SESSION, we hope you can at least enjoy this playlist to continue your healing journey as a way to find rest and peace.  Once our SOUND BATH SESSION returns to our studio, we can’t wait to have you enjoy listening LIVE to the pure sounds of Gongs and Sound Bowls to experience the pure vibrational energy of sound.

Until then, please enjoy this playlist which requires participant to have a Spotify Account to enjoy Ad-free listening.

  • Dim the lights around you
  • Comfortably lie on your bed
  • Keep door close to keep sounds within a small room
  • Enjoy the deep relaxation.


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