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Enjoy a few calming breaths while we are

Guided Meditation


2024 Monthly Guided Meditation
with Vivienne Law
3rd Sunday of Each Month
5:30pm to 6:30pm


On the 3rd Sunday of every month, at 5:30pm (45 min), you will have the opportunity to explore and experience various styles of meditation.  We will be rotating classes between Traditional Meditation Practices, Pranayama Breathwork and Yoga Nidra one Sunday of each month to allow individuals to explore and experience the benefits of Meditation across various traditions and cultures.  You will be guided by our experienced teachers who are passionate and have knowledge on how it can be incorporated into your daily lifestyles.

Intention for Monthly Sunday Guided Meditation:
So much of our daily life is spent ‘doing’. This practice of mindfulness meditation invites you to ‘be’. To be the witness to your moment-to-moment experience. To watch without judgement and without the need to change or fix anything. Vivienne invites you to allow yourself to be just as you are and gives you the space to do so in this lovely one hour practice. Expect sound, scent and gentle guidance to facilitate your journey into mindful awareness. 

During each session, you’ll walk away feeling empowered to continue practicing in your own home and enjoy the benefits of these practices which has been known to improve sleep, promote calm and wellbeing.