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Policy and Safety Guidelines

Float, Infrared Sauna, Yoga and Massage


(Gift Cards, Packages, Services and Appointments)



  • ALL Purchase with appointment secured is NON-Refundable. All our services require attendee to be 16 years and older. No exception unless special request has been made prior to purchase and securing appointments.
  • All purchases are made at the discretion of purchaser understanding and agreeing to our policies. Exceptions are made at the discretion of Liquid Room for special circumstances outside of our policies and require time to consider and agreed upon. We are under no obligation to agree to special circumstances outside of our purchase and booking policies.
  • All Float Clients are require to float in the nude since no swim suits will be allowed and clients are required to shower prior to stepping into our float rooms.
  • ALL Christmas GIFT CARDS purchased Dec 2022 must be redeemed by January 31st 2023. No extension is allowed. Once redeemed, you have 3 months from date of redemption to book and confirm your appointment time and date. Once expired after 3 months, no extension or credits to account will be allowed.
  • ALL GIFT CARDS must be used as indicated, unless the gift card is a set value or a nominated value amount.
  • All GIFT CARDS are non-refundable or redeemable as cash value.
  • Any credits for exchange is in accordance to purchase cost and not the value of the product or services at time of purchase.
  • Services cost value is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and you may be required to pay for cost difference at time of booking.
  • All Packages are to be used by single person only unless specified.
  • All Packages are non-shareable and non-transferable.
  • DOUBLE FLOAT requires two people to be comfortably floating in the nude together and no exception will be made for bathing suits to be worn as this further disrupt our cleaning process and maintenance of our float rooms hygiene.
  • 6 months expiry from date of purchase on our regular gift card except for special offer gift cards during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other discounted offers.
  • Please redeem by calling us at 03 95989313.
  • We do not offer any exceptions to all the above terms and conditions if recipients or purchaser of this voucher failed to redeem this voucher within the timeframe or conditions set.




  • COVID TEST related cancellationmust be made priorto the test being doneif the appointment and results will fall short of the 72 hours cancellation policy.  Please call us to let us know or leave a message on our voicemail stating the appointment time and date to cancel due to the COVID test being required. We do not accept any cancellation due to results not ready to be determined and a loss of credit or penalty of 100% charge will be incurred.
  • Float, Infrared Sauna and Massage Appointments must be cancelled 72 hours before date and time of appointment.
  • CANCELLATIONS less than 72 HOURS of appointment will be subjected to 100% loss of the cost of a single session or loss of session credit.
  • YOGA – Any NO SHOW or Late cancellations (15 minutes before class starts) will result in lost of credit for class pass and casual class holder.  We strongly urge our yogis to please respect the limited capacity we are now subjected to and cancel class booking at least 2 hours before class starts.
  • PLEASE DO NOT CALL US TO CANCEL YOGA CLASS as our studio staff is often engaging with clients that are in the studio, prioritising in-studio service and therefore may not receive the message on time. We would like to keep our phone calls focus on clients with enquiries regarding our services, expressing concerns and appointments rescheduling.
  • WORKSHOPS / EVENTS – All ticket purchase are NON-REFUNDABLE. In the event that you’re unwell or can’t attend, you can transfer.


Failure to respect our policies could result in individuals being asked to leave the premises.




  1. FLOAT ROOMS: Our FLOAT ROOMS are filled with highly concentrated Epsom salt with the recommended dose of bromine to ensure no bacteria or viruses can survive in the solution. FLOAT ROOMS have been declared as the lowest risk environment due to the recommended showers and no touching of face while floating which conforms to good hygiene practice.
  2. INFRARED SAUNA ROOMS: Our rooms are all privately used and we follow strict guidelines to sanitise and clean after each use.
  3. TOWELS: All our TOWELS for FLOAT and MASSAGE are commercially supplied and cleaned under high-temperature wash cycles.
  4. We disinfect all Float, Infrared Sauna, Yoga and Massage areas before and after every use.
  5. TOILET: We have a UNISEX Shared bathrooms that can be used by both Male and Female with private cubicles and stalls for showers and change areas.  Please follow signs and guidelines once in studio.  
  6. CLEANING TIME: All our Float, Infrared Sauna and Massage appointments have been scheduled to allow enough time to implement extra cleaning and sanitising.