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Policy and Safety Guidelines

Float, Infrared Sauna, Yoga and Massage





LATEST UPDATES as of Jan 2nd 2022


– We require upfront payment upon bookings and cancellations is required 72 hours before date of appointment.
– A penalty of $60 is applied for Massage and 100% of credit for Float and Infrared Sauna is applied for no show or late cancellation.
NO REFUND for any payment or gift cards purchased for both standard pricing and special offers.







FOLLOWING ARE SAFETY MEASURES AS A REQUIRED BY VICTORIAN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES. All policies below are subjected to change, so please check this page before you arrive.

As a wellness studio, we are continuing our high standards of COVID SAFE practices and we will continue to take extra measures to ensure that our studio remains a safe environment for our community. Please understand that these measures are important to our greater community as we are taking an active and practical approach to help alleviate any unnecessary concerns from our members while doing our part to help our health organisations to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 virus.

We are reaching out to you to join us in exercising patience during these trying times as we try to approach this global issue with a temporary practical solution that has been shown to be very effective with most updated advise and requirements from our Federal and State Government.

Equally important, by continuing your support through these challenging times, you will help us keep this Peaceful Space to continue its operation throughout these challenging times.

We are committed to continuing our quality services to support your journey of wellness, which is more important now than ever. 


  • COVID TEST related cancellation must be made prior to the test being done if the appointment and results will fall short of the 72 hours cancellation policy.  Please call us to let us know or leave a message on our voicemail stating the appointment time and date to cancel due to the COVID test being required. We do not accept any cancellation due to results not ready to be determined and a loss of credit or penalty of 100% charge will be incurred.
  • Float, Infrared Sauna and Massage Appointments must be cancelled 72 hours before date and time of appointment.
  • CANCELLATIONS less than 72 HOURS of appointment will be subjected to 100% loss of the cost of a single session or loss of session credit.
  • YOGA – Any NO SHOW or Late cancellations (15 minutes before class starts) will result in lost of credit for class pass and casual class holder.  We strongly urge our yogis to please respect the limited capacity we are now subjected to and cancel class booking at least 2 hours before class starts.
  • PLEASE DO NOT CALL US TO CANCEL YOGA CLASS as our studio staff is often engaging with clients that are in the studio, prioritising in-studio service and therefore may not receive the message on time. We would like to keep our phone calls focus on clients with enquiries regarding our services, expressing concerns and appointments rescheduling.
  • WORKSHOPS / EVENTS – All ticket purchase are NON-REFUNDABLE. In the event that you’re unwell or can’t attend, you can transfer


  • All staff and Clients are required to show government approve vaccination certificate.
  • Please ensure that you have the Victorian QR app installed on your mobile devices with COVID Vaccination record attached to the app
  • Proof need to be from the app of double vaccination as we no longer accept a pdf image screen capture or file as we are liable as a business if fraudulent proof is to be accepted.
  • Please be kind and respectful to our staff member as we are all working hard to assist our clients through this transition of re-opening after a very hard of over 280 days of shut for businesses like ours even though Melbourne as a city were only in lock down for 262 days.
  • We will endeavour to assist any special circumstances and we require that these special enquiries be made prior to making the appointment via email at enquiries@liquidroom.com.au
  • We cater to high risks clients with severe health risks of COVID exposure so we are still requiring masks to be worn when you come into our studio shared spaces. However, once treatment or session begins, mask can be removed with social distancing in place.
  • If proof are not able to be provided on the day, you’ll lose 100% of your float credit as it will be considered as last minute cancellations since you will not be able to attend your treatment or class.
  • ALL members who have been double vaccinated are still required to adhere to our COVID safety measures while in the studio.

If you are not yet able or ready to return to the studio, don’t worry, we will try and accomodate with the following options:

  • We encourage you to stay connected through our ONLINE ON DEMAND Classes … LEARN MORE
  • Existing Float, Infrared Sauna or Massage clients with existing packages, please email us if you’re choosing to hold off from returning due to vaccinations requirements, so we can extend your existing pass for an extra 3 months before it expires.
  • For all other reasons, please contact us to let us know your circumstances. We will evaluate individual’s circumstances on a case to case basis.

We will promise to always re-evaluate our current policies as government regulations changes and accomodate accordingly.

  • Do not visit the studio or attend a class if you have signs of fever, cough, cold, sore throat, or have had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19.
  • Masks must be worn as soon as you walk into the studio and social distancing and health checks measures mentioned below will apply.
  • FLOAT, INFRARED SAUNA, and MASSAGE – Only remove your mask once our studio support leaves the room or masseuse informs you that you can.
  • YOGA – Only remove your mask once you’ve arrived on the designated space you’ve chosen to place your mat.
  • Mask must be worn once you leave the appointment room to rest in our Private Member’s ZEN LOUNGE (Monthly Float and/or Infrared Sauna members only) or in the CHILL LOUNGE at reception.  You will have time to enjoy your tea but will be limited to a reasonable time informed by our studio support. While enjoying your tea, mask can be removed but must be put back on once you finished and getting ready to leave our studio.
  • HAND SANITISERS ARE TO BE USED as you enter the studio, after using our toilet and as soon as you exit the any treatment rooms and yoga studio.
  • NEW APPOINTMENT CLIENTS please arrive 15 Minutes earlier to fill in forms, sign waivers and read our intro float documents prior to starting your session.
  • We regularly disinfect all surfaces after every use and more than multiple times per day in certain shared spaces, in particularly before and after each yoga classes, float, infrared sauna and massage session.
  • Strict social distance of 1.5m apart between members.
  • We have Hand Sanitiser available throughout the studio to be used, especially as you enter and before leaving Liquid Room. This is a requirement for everyone in order to continue your experience at Liquid Room.
  • We will keep an accurate record of every client’s contact details as this is required by Victorian Government and Department of Health.  Please make sure your details are up to date in our system.
  • In the event we have a COVID POSITIVE case at the studio, we will quickly and effectively follow COVID procedures as outlined by the Department of Health Services.
  • We have placed infusers with a natural blend of essential oils that are highly disinfectant to ensure our air is purified during each class and throughout the studio.
  • We ask that all attendees be respectful and patient with our staff as they have to exercise all safety measures while ensuring that your experience at Liquid Room is as relaxing as possible.
  • Our staff will also be screened for any symptoms and will be refrain from teaching, supporting or providing services if they have any symptoms of cold, coughing or sneezing.
  • All our staff will be COVID-19 infection control certified and Double Vaccinated.


Failure to respect our policies could result in individuals being asked to leave the premises.


  1. FLOAT ROOMS: Our FLOAT ROOMS are filled with highly concentrated Epsom salt with the recommended dose of bromine to ensure no bacteria or viruses can survive in the solution. FLOAT ROOMS have been declared as the lowest risk environment due to the recommended showers and no touching of face while floating which conforms to good hygiene practice.
  2. INFRARED SAUNA ROOMS: Our rooms are all privately used and we follow strict guidelines to sanitise and clean after each use.
  3. TOWELS: All our TOWELS for FLOAT and MASSAGE are commercially supplied and cleaned under high-temperature wash cycles.
  4. We disinfect all Float, Infrared Sauna, Yoga and Massage areas before and after every use.
  5. TOILET: We have a UNISEX Shared bathrooms that can be used by both Male and Female with private cubicles and stalls for showers and change areas.  Please follow signs and guidelines once in studio.  
  6. CLEANING TIME: All our Float, Infrared Sauna and Massage appointments have been scheduled to allow enough time to implement extra cleaning and sanitising.