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Float Prices

Introductory Packages, Float Packs, Auto Payment Packs




Monthly Float Club

Continue Your Float Experience


(Min. 3 months commitment)


Auto Renew Monthly

(save $30 per float. min 3 months commitment)

You will receive:

– 1 x 1 Hr Float per month

– Buy single Infrared Sauna session for only $75 $60

– Family members can access purchase price at $85 $55 (saving $35)

– Add-on Massage Price only $110 $95 (saving $15)

– Buy Single Casual Yoga class for only $20 or save 20% on Yoga Class packs. (contact us regarding class packs)


Purchase Additional Floats for only $40 each within the month

** If you have this contract, click    to purchase your $40 Float.

*Conditions apply:

3-months minimum contract. Contract auto-renews month-to-month after that. Cancel of the contract requires 7 days before the next payment in writing by the purchaser. This applies after the first 3 months. Purchaser is responsible for cancelling the contract according to this term and condition. Floats purchased as part of this membership expire 12-months from the date of purchase. Unused Floats are accumulated to the following month and valid for 12 months from the date of the initial contract or signup for this membership. Must be aged 16 years and above

Float Packs

(Pay Up-front)


Single Float

1 x 1 Hr Float

*Must aged 16 years and above. Expires 6 months from date of purchase. Non-refundable. Non-deferrable.

Duo Float Pack 


Float in a Double Float Room with a partner, friend or family member. See Special Conditions * (Only $60/person)

* 1 Hr Float for two people (Must be aged 16 years and above.  Must be used by two people floating at the same time in a double float room and require to be comfortably in nude together. This pack expires 6 months from date of purchase. Non-refundable. Non-deferrable.

4 Pack

4 x 1 Hr Float at $240

(saved $25 per float)

*Expires 12 month from date of purchase. 1 person use only. Not shareable.  Non-extendable. Must be aged 16 years and above

8 Pack (Shareable)

8 x 1hr Float for $520

(saved $20 per float)

*Expires 12 months from date of purchase.  Shareable up to 4 people only.  Please contact the studio via email or phone to nominate the 4 people who will be using the pack.  Once names are nominated, no changes can be made.  No extension is allowed once the this float pack expires. Non-refundable. Non-deferrable. Must be aged 16 years and above.

*The content of this website has been recently updated – effective as of 15th June 2020. Any purchase made prior to this update will be subjected to conditions applied at the time of purchase. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.