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Book in Your Float

Please purchase a float package before making any bookings.

Please read our POLICY and SAFETY GUIDELINES prior to booking and/or purchasing to accept all our terms and conditions **


When searching for appointments for Float, please do the following:
  • When booking a Single Float for ONE Individual Select: 1 Hr Float and choose Single Room 1 or Single Room 2
  • When booking a Double Float for TWO people to float together in the same room Select: Float for 2 – 1 Hr and choose Double Room. This booking requires individuals to be comfortably floating nude together.
  • Please be aware that schedules are subject to change during public holiday.
  • Please ensure you’re on our mailing list to receive up to date news via email and follow us on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK for latest announcements.


Please read all below:
** All our appointments require pre-purchasing and refunds are not available once purchased due to our limited capacity and reliance on commitment.
If you require special circumstances being considered, please forward your enquiries via email at enquiries@liquidroom.com.au or contact us via phone (03) 95989313. We will endeavour to reply within the timeframe of our operating hours and any purchase or booking completed prior to our reply or discussion will fall under our standard terms and conditions.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS for Double Float Room:

Float in a Double Float Room with a person to whom you are comfortably floating in the nude together.  We have the right to turn floaters away on the day if our policies and safety procedures cannot be adhered to. Please read our terms and condition prior to making purchase and booking.


SPECIAL CONDITIONS for Oncology Patient:

Anyone who had oncology treatment in the last 12 months, please contact the studio at 95989313 to discuss your options prior to making your booking.  This is important as we do not recommend anyone who is undergoing radiation or chemotherapy to float until 4 weeks after your last final treatment.