Inhale... Exhale...
Enjoy a few calming breaths while we are


Quiet . Your . Mind

Come and experience floatation therapy at Liquid Room and let the excessive sensory stimuli of the outside world fade away. Our floatation ‘rooms’ (rather than a ‘capsule’) create a spacious floating experience as you surrender your body and mind into full relaxation. Floatation can provide a variety of physical and psychological benefits to those with an open mind. You will be floating in highly concentrated epsom salt water that is rich in magnesium and has been shown to help to reduce pain, stress as well as promoting ‘whole-brain’ thinking.

You will experience

  • A room that is free of LIGHT and SOUND, floating under the STARLIGHTS ceiling.
  • weightlessness FLOATING in core-body temperature water with 650KG of dissolved EPSOM SALTS
  • Therapeutic, Deep and Meditative RELAXATION

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