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Dear Member,

From all of us here at Liquid Room, we do hope you’ve made it through the lockdown relatively unscathed!

It’s been an interesting 7 months since it all began back in March that’s for sure.

When we first closed back on March 23rd, it was hard to foresee what was to come but we just knew that for the safety and wellbeing of our clients and our staff, we had to close the doors quickly and ensure we were not contributing to the spread. 

3 months down the track, we are super excited to announce that we are preparing to re-open again and then closed after a few weeks of seeing all of you.

Our first day back is Today Monday Nov 2nd 2020!

Hopefully we’ll be able to return to normal in the coming weeks but for the first little while things may look and feel a little different. Everything we are doing has been put in place based on guidance from external consultants and to ensure that we are prioritising the health and safety of both our clients and our staff. We know that these things will give you the peace of mind in knowing that our centre, and the services we offer to you, are de-risked and very safe. We will be sending a separate communication to you about what has temporarily changed and how you can support us during your visit.

In the meantime though we wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you for sticking with us through this period of closure. It has not been an easy 3 months for anyone and the fact that you supported us by continuing your membership means a lot to us. You have helped ease the burden on our little business, helped us continue to pay wages to many of our staff, and allowed us to focus on improving what we offer to our wonderful community throughout their wellness journey.


To show our gratitude, as promised when we went into lock down for the second time, we are rewarding you with a free float for each of the months we were closed while you kept your membership active until today.  We are so excited to have you back!

We have taken the liberty of these floats to your Liquid Room account to be used by you to re-launch your float journey with us. They come with a 12 month expiry and you can use them whenever you want within that period!. 

For now, we will be operating at a reduced hours as follows for the first couple of weeks:

Monday 230-10

Tuesday – closed

Wednesday 9-10

Thursday closed

Friday 9-11

Saturday 8-6

Sunday 8-6




For appointments please contact us at 03 95989313 during our operating hours above.

Massage is Available as of this Friday Nov 6th 2020.  Massage appointments are available at a reduced time and requires up-front payment.  

Let us know if you have questions. Until then, stay safe and healthy!

Best Regards

Liquid Room Team