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Vedic Meditation Course

“Vedic Meditation is entirely effortless and requires no control and no concentration.”

You will experience

– notably less stress and anxiety throughout the day

– boosts in cognitive ability and creativity

 – better sleep

– lower blood pressure

Thoughts are a part of this meditation, so if you are someone who can’t stop thinking… this is for you!


What is Vedic Meditation?

Known as the meditation style preferred by high performers and celebrities, Vedic Meditation promotes effortless practice to allow you to easily relax and let go.

Vedic Meditation is practiced sitting comfortably with the eyes closed for 20 minutes, twice a day. It enables your mind to reboot while dissolving stress and fatigue in the body. A daily practice helps you become more calm, creative and confident… giving you the ability to really enjoy life and all it has to offer, without getting stressed.

What is the course?

This is a 4 day course that includes personal instruction into the technique on DAY 1 followed by three group sessions where you will be equipped with the knowledge and inspiration you need to make meditation a daily part of your life.

In the first session you’ll receive your own mantra and learn how to effortlessly enter the meditative state. We then refine your practice in the following three sessions while diving deeper into knowledge of the mind-body connection, the impact of stress, how to access creativity and tap into greater intuition. On completion of the course, you will be a confident daily meditator with a lifetime membership to the worldwide Vedic meditation community.

Day 1 Thursday : 1 Hr private session by appointment – Day or Evening Times available.

Day 2 to 4 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday @ 7pm – 8:30pm) : 90 Minutes Intimate Group session of 3 to 9 people.

Is this course for me?

If you’re looking to learn from a trained teacher with meditation experience, receive personal instruction and have on-going support, then Vedic meditation is for you. This course is not a drop-in meditation class and there are no guided meditations, meditation apps or online programs. At the end of the course, you will become a fully self-sufficient meditator with ongoing support from Vedic Meditation community in your journey of becoming less stressed and more alive!


How do I book?
  • Attend FREE INTRO 45 min session on a Sunday at 6:15pm where you’ll meet your instructor Tameka and explore more details on Vedic Meditation, meanwhile having the opportunity ask any questions you may have about the course – BOOK YOUR INTRO SESSION HERE
  • Enrol to express interest for this course and our staff will contact you to secure payment and book you in for your private session on a Thursday.  CLICK HERE for dates and to secure your spot.
How much does it cost?

Early Bird Special at $600 inc. GST.

After early bird specials at $750 inc. GST.