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Healthy Hips Healthy Spine Workshop Series

6 Parts Workshop Series

Cost: 6 x 30 minutes videos for only $29 inc GST. Unlimited Access.

When: Starts Tuesday June 9th 2020


Intro Video

Each week you’ll be sent links to 2 videos targeting 3 areas of our body that supports our Hips and Spine to be healthier and stronger.  This series is suitable to anyone looking to iron out issues through the hips and lower back as well as recovering from injuries to develop strength and flexibility throughout the body.

These videos are accessible anytime from the release date.


Healthy hips healthy spine Workshop series 

This is a series of 6 Specialised workshops designed to build your strength, stability, active flexibility & mobility in your body to target imbalances and make it feel great. These workshops will target areas of the body that are stiff, tight, weak & painful & bring them back to health. 

This workshop series is for those who want to:

  • unlock tight parts of their body & gain more freedom in their movement
  • relieve the aches & pains so that they feel good in their body
  • runners, walkers, yogis that want to improve their biomechanics so they can keep doing the things they love 

Series 1: Hips & hamstrings (2 x 30 min videos)

This series will unlock your tight hip flexors & hamstrings, strengthen your glutes & release your outer hips. This is the perfect way to prime you for walking, running or yoga & keep your hips, knees & back healthy & happy. 

Series 2: Postural reset – neck, shoulder, chest & back (2 x 30 min videos)

This series will target the areas of the body that have become tight, sore & weak from hours of sitting & looking at devices. It will free up your neck, strengthen your back, release your chest & shoulders & re-set your posture so you stand taller & feel better in your body. 

Series 3: Lower back relief – core & glutes (2 x 30 min videos)

This series will target those key areas of the body that keep your lower back happy and healthy. It will switch on your core from the deeper layers outward, strength the glutes & create stability in the hips. This is such an important practice that will not long make support your lower back but will also stabilise your hips & enhance your movement practices.