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Workshops and Special Events

Date: Sunday 9th of May

Time: 7pm-8.00pm

FREE EVENT: For Liquid Room Float and Yoga Members.
BRING A FRIEND! Members may bring a friend for FREE. Email enquiries@liquidroom.com.au to register them.

Props / Equipment: No props/mats are provided. BYO your desired mats, blankets & props

20 Attendees maximum!




Winter SoundScape with Katie Underwood
When? Sunday 4th of July 
Time? 7pm to 9pm (2 Hrs)
Cost? $55 / Per person
Location? Liquid Room – 191 Bay Rd Sandringham, VIC 3191

Maximum 20 attendees.  To purchase more than one ticket, you need to register the other person as a separate individual and purchase the ticket under his/her account as a separate transaction.

The complete sound experience
A rejuvenating sound immersion with Katie Underwood featuring a live soundscape of Tibetan & crystal bowls, chimes, native drums & looped, layered vocals & mantras to guide you into a state of deep relaxation and peace.
… be transported
Enjoy a deeply enriching experience of soundscape guided by Katie, as she begins the night with a short guided meditation to ease your tension; flowing into an unforgettable sound journey, taking your relaxation even deeper. The evening will conclude with a guided group chant to energise the body & calm the mind,. closing this blissful night with time for deep rest, self-healing and personal insight.