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COVID Safe Yoga Terms and Conditions


Before you make your bookings or purchase a yoga membership or passes, please read the following safety policies, terms and conditions.  Once purchased, no refund is to be made if you are unable to meet the all requirements provided below.

  1. Do not visit the studio or attend a class if you have signs of fever, cough, cold, sore throat, or have traveled overseas and restricted areas in the last 14 days or have had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19.
  2. NO CONVERSATION WITH OTHER YOGIS IN THE STUDIO due to removal of mask in a closed space.  All conversations with mask on to be had outside studio, in yoga hallway with social distancing and covid safe practices.
  3. We have infusers with natural blend of essential oils that are highly disinfectant to ensure our air is purified during each class and throughout the studio.
  4. CANCELLATION / NO SHOW FOR IN- STUDIO: We are only limited to 20 attendees. We understand that there are times where unforeseen circumstances may occur, we urge that all our yogis be mindful of the challenges we are facing with limited mat space and people who are placed on a waiting list. Please cancel class via MindBody App or via email enquiries@liquidroom.com.au within the time restrictions stated below. No phone cancelations are allowed.
    1. MORNING Classes: Please CANCEL before 8pm the night before.
    2. EVENING Classes: Please CANCEL your class 2 hours before class starts.
  5. IN-STUDIO WAITLIST: Will be available if the class is full and you will be automatically added to class once a spot is available. Please check your email within hours for evening classes or before 8pm the night before for morning classes to see if you have been enrolled in the class.
  6. WAITLIST: Please ensure that you check your junk mail if you’ve recently signed up and OPT IN for email and text communication in your profile.
  7. MAX 20 ATTENDEES: We have set a limit at 10 mats until further notice by the state government, allowing at least 1.5m distance between individuals as advised by government and health authorities to be a safe distance as of June 18th 2021.
  8. We will keep an accurate record of every client via QR APP provided by Victoria Government.  Please make sure your details are up to date in our system and bring your MOBILE devices to enable a smooth process of registration.
  9. Please download VICTORIA GOVERNMENT COVIDSafe app onto your mobile device to help with contact tracing.
  10. ENTERING AND EXITING: Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class stats.  We ask that all attendees to please leave the class as soon as the class ends as no clustering or gatherings are allowed within our limited space inside and outside the premises.
  11. SAFE DISTANCE: Safe Distance is strictly practiced while entering the premises, in the studio and as you leave the studio – 1.5 m distance apart from another individual not from the same household.
  12. PLEASE KEEP NOISES LOW while inside studio to avoid disrupting other yogis and sound travelling into our Float rooms.
  13. CLIENT DETAILS: All bookings require details to be updated such as Full Name, Email, Address, Postcode & Mobile number
  14. PAYMENTS: All Yoga and Meditation classes must be prepaid prior to booking.
  15. PROPS AVAILABILITY: Mats, Bolsters, straps, blocks and blankets are no longer available as props during classes. Please bring your own moving forward.  Yin/Meditation practitioners to please blankets (at least 2 if you don’t have bolster), blocks and straps. We will assist you with variations to help you get comfortable if you do not have certain props.  
  17. HYGIENE: There will be hand sanitisers available for every attendee to use on entry to the studio and exit. Yogis will have it available outside class to be used after class finishes. We require every individual to use it upon entering and leaving.
  18. TOILETS/SHOWER/CHANGEROOM: At this stage, shower facilities are still closed until further notice.
  19. DRINKS: Please bring your own water bottle as we are no longer providing shared use of water or tea.  We also have drinks available for purchase at the studio.
  20. HEALTH SAFETY: We will turn any yogis away who have symptoms of cold, coughing, and sneezing, and strongly urge that you stay at home until fully recovered. **Cancellation upon refusal will not result in any late cancellation penalty. Please respect our need to enforce this to ensure safety for all and a peace of mind.**
  21. FUTURE SCHEDULES: At this stage, we are in a time of uncertainties therefore schedules and workshops times may vary and change.  Please continue to check our website for updates.  
  22. LOCKERS: Lockers are available for use but keys are not available to reduce touch points and cleaning.
  23. LIVE ONLINE: There will be certain classes that will be LIVE STREAM to yogis at home.  You will be notified in advance when these classes take place.
  24. Please follow signs and guidelines once in the studio.

IMPORTANT! Failure to respect our policies will result in being asked to leave the premises.  Our staff reserve the right to refuse or turn away individuals based on all the terms above, including determining health risks at our discretion within reason. 

IMPORTANT! By Booking or Making a purchase, you have agreed to all the terms and conditions outlined above, as well as the terms and conditions outlined within the pricing of the items.