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Beginners Workshop


Heart centre pose

Restorative and Gentle Practice
Saturday 11:30am to 1:30pm (2 Hours)
PRICE: $50 for Non-members / $35  for Members.
2024 Dates: 2nd Mar | 11th May | 27th Jul | 07th Sept


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** Members includes Unlimited Monthly Yoga, Float Club, Infrared Sauna Member, 12 Month, 10 or 20 Pass Holder. All Members please contact us at enquiries@liquidroom.com.au with your full name to book.


Our Yoga for Beginners Workshop has been designed to allow individuals who are NEW to Yoga to explore the foundation of each posture in a comfortable and supportive environment. This workshop is also suitable for anyone who is returning from injuries or has not been practicing consistently for more than a year.

You will be practicing at a more relaxed pace and achieve all the restorative physical and emotional benefits of Yoga. We have incorporated specially chosen postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation practices, while using a range of props to help you find comfort and ease.

Beginners Yoga will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to embrace the practice in a group setting with confidence.



  • A basic understanding of yoga philosophy and its benefits.
  • Alignments and Foundations of Key Yoga Postures based on the principles of Vinyasa Flow Yoga sequences such as: Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B and various poses such as Warrior I / II / III, Downward Facing Dog, Planks, Seated Twist, Chair Pose, Bridge Pose, Shoulder Stand, and many more.
  • Tips and Variations of each posture to adapt the practice to suit your body. You will be shown how to use props such as blocks and straps, to support or elevate your practice by helping you achieve any challenging poses with ease and comfort.
  • Develop strength and flexibility with your body while practicing yoga movement to deepen your understanding of your own limitations and capabilities.
  • You’ll be experiencing Yoga in an intimate setting with a class size of no more than 10.

Suitable for: Beginners, mature students, returning Yogis and anyone who are looking to explore another form of movements.

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**If you have any injuries or chronic illnesses, please take time to chat with the teacher.  You will be required to fill in a form prior to your first session at Liquid Room.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier for your first class.