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Meditation in itself does a lot of wonders to one’s overall well-being–from the body to the spirit. Most meditation practices can be done without any instructor, however, it is much more ideal to have somebody to lead you throughout the meditating process. So how is guided meditation different from the usual meditation? and What are its benefits? Take deep, calming breaths as we dive into the bottom of this exercise.

Understanding a Guided Meditation

Each one of us has experienced frustrating events in our lives, sometimes even traumatizing situations. More often than not, there are deep-seated issues we have not properly dealt with. Meditation can help the mind calm down and help you face unconfronted emotions in a healthy manner.

No doubt meditating has been getting more popular as more people want to find more relaxation. However, not everyone understands what it is about. It is more than just sitting in a lotus position and just focus your mind happy thoughts. True meditation is when your mind is at rest yet still alert. Although this can be done all by yourself, having a trained instructor can help you achieve a higher level of peacefulness faster.

Guided meditation is a process wherein a qualified meditation tutor narrates a scene which participants respond to. They create a mental image which stimulates the senses in order to make the mind experience a serene moment. Since the mind cannot distinguish between reality and an imagined moment (given that the narration is excellently done), the brain records this as a true event. Basically, it’s just an in-depth storytelling. There are various ways which this can be done. You can drop by at meditation centres or you can also listen to a recorded audio of a guided meditation narrative.

During the directed meditation process, your mind becomes more relaxed. If your mind vividly imagines a scenario, it actually creates solid memories of the experience.When the created experience is a great one, you’re reserving a happy memory in your subconscious mind. So if you had an unpleasant learning experience which led you to view the subject as something that you just can’t learn well, re-creating a better learning experience will enable you to understand the subject better and faster.

Our guided meditation classes are the perfect accompaniment to a float room session, preparing your mind to engage in complete relaxation.

Benefits of Guided Meditation

Several kinds of research have shown just that meditating has several long-lasting beneficial effects on the both the body and the mind. Here are just a few amazing advantages from voice guided meditation:

  • Better Clarity and Focus. Through proper guidance, your mind clears out any unhealthy thoughts. This will help you think more clearly and be less distracted by unnecessary thoughts. It can help direct your thoughts on things which truly matter in your life.
  • Experience the amazing powers of the Mind. Science has certainly advanced, and have helped us understand a lot of things but the human mind is still a mystery even to the most brilliant scientist alive. Not everyone has the opportunity to experience a journey of the mind, and access its many hidden doors. Practicing directed meditation will help you see how wonderful your mind actually is despite the many scarrings it has received.
  • Increase your cognitive ability. Everyone has a different way of learning things, some ways methods which have been extremely helpful to other people may not be applicable to another; because many of us had a rather awkward learning experience, our minds tend to view these subjects as impossible. Participating in a voice guided meditation can help us relive the experience in a much more pleasant light.
  • A lighter load. Studies have shown that constant meditation boosts psychological well-being. People suffering from depression and anxiety can find long-lasting relief and eventually, complete healing from their challenging ordeal. This practice can assist your mind to heal itself faster.
  • An upsurge of creativity. Directed meditation in itself is a very creative process and since it allows you to enter unknown areas of the mind, you will find yourself coming up with more unique and ingenious concepts.
  • Create deeper and harmonious relationships. As you get to open up to your own self better, this will also improve your communication with other people. Having a more peaceful and open attitude to life also makes you become more understanding towards those who surround you.
  • Catch more z’s. As your mind becomes more relaxed, you will find it easier to handle to sleep at night. Since one of the effects of meditating constantly is that it helps you handle stressful better, you will find it easier not to beat yourself over something you can hardly control. So you won’t have to stay up all night worrying.
  • Break off from addiction. Resolving dependency on substances is never an easy task. Supervised meditation lets you deal with the root cause of addiction and not just on the symptoms. This applies not only to substance dependency but also unhealthy thought patterns and habits.
  • Relief from physical pain. Meditation has different poses which ease muscular tension and enhance flexibility. This is a great form of exercise as it is not strenuous and is not as intense as the usual working out. The breathing exercises done during while being guided in meditation helps get more oxygen into the body, reducing the chances of headaches.
  • Reduce the Chances of Getting Sick. As you continually meditate, you will find that your immune system has become stronger. This is mainly because not only your mind gets rid of unhealthy thought patterns, but also your body flushes out toxins.

Find Your Meditation Guide Here

There are many yoga & meditation centres in Melbourne, but not every studio offers guided meditation. Liquid room has experienced instructors who know how to create a soothing scene that is guaranteed to relax your mind for long after the session. Our guided meditation routines are regularly checked to ensure that its flow induces a peaceful and comforting image. Certified instructors have been trained on how to properly narrate the meditation session in an engaging way. We are more than happy to help you out, all you have to do is call or drop us a visit in our relaxing studio.