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Oct 7, 2023

October 6th Newsletter

The Joy in the Challenge


This Week’s Garden:

  • Upcoming Monthly Meditation and Special Meditation Workshop this OCT 23!
  • Recommended Morning rituals with Ivy!
  • Testimonial: Dylan, our Float Club member recovering from his Footy Club Win this season with Cheltenham Football Club!
  • In the Shed: Our Spring Cleansing Soundscape was a wonderful ritual with our devoted community (see photos below!)
  • Special Highlights: Marie brought in lemons to share with our community!


Check out our upcoming Meditation Workshops & Classes:



EVENT 1: Mindful Meditation Workshop — Series 3.

Sunday Oct 29th @ 3 – 5pm


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EVENT 2: Monthly Sunday Guided Meditation

October 29th @ 5:30pm


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Our Sprout — The Joy Submerged in Uncharted waters   

By Fiona Macgill 


Exploring the uncharted territories of trying new things has always been a tantalizing journey for the curious mind. Beyond the thrill of discovery and the enrichment of our life experiences, trying something new offers a plethora of benefits for the brain, enriching our cognitive toolkit in profound ways.

First and foremost, novelty activates our brain’s reward centres. When we embark on unfamiliar paths, our brain releases dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter. This not only infuses us with a sense of excitement but also strengthens memory formation. Every new experience becomes a mental bookmark, etching itself vividly into our memory.

Trying something new also challenges our cognitive agility. Whether it’s learning a new language, picking up a musical instrument, or venturing into a new hobby, these endeavours demand mental flexibility and adaptability. Our brain’s plasticity, its remarkable ability to rewire itself, gets a workout, fostering improved problem-solving skills and creativity.

Stepping out of our comfort zone also nurtures resilience. It teaches us that setbacks and failures are an important path to growth. This attitude shift is a cognitive bonus, as it enhances our capacity to handle stress and adversity with grace.

In the realm of social interactions, trying new things broadens our horizons. Meeting new people, encountering diverse perspectives, and navigating unfamiliar social situations stimulate the brain’s social cognition networks. This, in turn, boosts our empathy and emotional intelligence.

Ultimately, embracing novelty is a lifelong investment in brain health. It keeps our cognitive functions sharp, enhances our adaptability, and fosters a zest for lifelong learning. So, whether it’s embarking on a new travel adventure, sampling exotic cuisine, or simply picking up a fresh book genre, the brain revels in the joy of exploration, benefiting not only from the journey itself but from the long term enhancements it bestows upon our cognitive well-being.

Which Liquid Room services have you been wanting to try but holding back from?

Morning Rituals

with Ivy 

Just a 10 minute MORNING RITUAL can help you stock up your energy and increase your capacity to function for the rest of the day!

– Have natural sunlight for at least 10 minutes

– Choose movements that you enjoy as soon as you wake up

– Hydrate well to cleanse and aid digestion (opens appetite too)

– Journal. (can’t stress this enough) A simple 10 minute brain dump. Write anything, even if it is gossip you’ve heard or the food you’ve eaten or what you want to do today but won’t get to. Just brain dump.

Take care of yourself with little things and watch the ripple effect.


What’s with the pose – Crow Pose


Crow Pose fosters inner focus and concentration in the present. This pose is a symbol for justice and longevity. It strengthens the sacral chakra as well as the wrist, forearms, and abdomen while stretching your upper back.

Mastering Crow builds your yoga confidence and opens the door to many more poses involving arm balance. It can also improve proprioception and enhance your body control.

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Tell me about Float…

Dylan @ Float Room 2


CONGRATULATIONS Dylan, our monthly float member on another impressive season with the Senior Cheltenham Football Club finishing on the top of the ladder!!

Dylan has been consistently recovering with us with a weekly FLOAT session and has been since 2017!

Dylan is a sterling example to all athletes by prioritising his recovery as much as he does training.

Like all elite athletes, recognising recovery is key to optimum performance.

In the Shed – Highlights From Our Last Sound Bath Event

Thanks EVERYONE for your continuous support for our events and for allowing us to support your decision to take time out to prioritize yourself for rest and recovery

Next Sound Bath will be Dec 7th!

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Special Highlights:

Marie generously brought in lemons to share with our community from garden!

Thanks as always for joining us in these journals and happy reading!