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March Weekly Edition #3

Mar 28, 2023



“Clarity is POWER – The more clear you are about exactly what it is you want, the more your brain knows how to get there.”

As we continue our month of working on our CLARITY & FOCUS in relation to our intentions and actions, this week we will be sprouting our 3rd seed – Deep Listening and Reflection.

As we’ve mentioned before, what good is producing, when our focus is divided? It is no good waisting time creating our abundance if we do not have the clarity of mind to create quality work.

Let’s explore our NEW SPROUT this week in our “Weekly Sprout” column.


Meditating 10 minutes a day (morning if possible) is a great way to expand on your CLARITY AND FOCUS.

JOIN Our Next Upcoming Monthly Guided Meditation being held on Sunday April 16th at 5:30 pm! Book here.

This Week’s Garden:

  • Easter Hours for Appointments and Yoga Classes
  • Benefit of Floats – How can Float reboot your mind and body?
  • Collab of the Week – Team at Kieser can help
  • Upcoming Event This Sunday April 2nd – “Season of the Soul” Autumn Soundscape Meditation
  • Weekly Sprout — Deep Listening and Reflection
  • In the Shed – Video Shoot of our Studio and Yogis


Easter Yoga Timetable & Appointment Availability for Good Friday (7/4/23) to Easter Monday (10/4/23)

Friday 7th (Good Friday)

5.30pm CANCELLED Vinyasa Flow w/ Avril

Saturday 8th

4.30pm CANCELLED Slow Flow w Erica

Sunday 9th

Studio Appointments CLOSED

5.30pm CANCELLED Yin Yoga w Ivy

Monday 10th

Studio Appointments CLOSED

6.15pm & 7.30pm CANCELLED w Vanessa



Benefits of  Float – How Can Float Reboot Your Mind and Body?

Floatation Therapy helps to deeply relax your body in a gravity free and sensory free environment, allowing your mind to slow down enough to reboot into clarity and deeper level of awareness.

When both your body and mind relaxes, your brain can develop new neural pathways and therefore further expand your mind, allowing more new opportunities for learning and creativity.

Learn more about Float -> What is FLOAT?


Collab of the Week – Team at Kieser can help

Sandringham Kieser Team @ Liquid Room Yoga Studio

We love the team at Kieser Sandringham who are always welcoming and full of enthusiasms to help our clients and our team with strengthening sessions and enhance our community’s health and wellness, combining movements, strength, active recovery and DEEP REST.

As a member of LIQUID ROOM, contact Kieser Sandringham to receive a FREE ASSESSMENT from a qualified Physiotherapist to learn more about what your body need to progress in your strength or incorporate movements as part of your active recovery exercises.


Our Weekly sprout — Deep listening & reflection

The last few weeks we have channeled new intention and focus into our day to day. We have put our focus into our creation a peaceful headspace through removing our anxious barriers through mindful meditation to rest in our parasympathetic nervous system.

In our first edition, we removed our anxiety blocks that limited our vision and productivity. With a clear slate, we began exercising our mind-muscle through meditation and became still and mindful through various methods of mindfulness.

Now that we know how to quiet our mind — what does it say to you?  This week, focus on the deep recesses of your mind in those quiet moments.

“Once we are still,

once we are focused,

once we are quiet,


What is your mind’s eye greatest desire? What does your heart crave? Is it within your power to grant your deepest wishes?

In these moments of deep contemplation, the answers of our soul speak to us with such truth and intimate power that resonates deeply in our bones.

Let these answers wash over you. Do not attempt to guide or control them, let them flow naturally for pure truth.

You may wish to explore them deeper with journalling afterwards…

” How does my life look with this new answer?

How do these answers make me feel? Nervous, excited, fearful?

Why was this revelled to me now?

When will I start this step in my journey? “

These answers can be found in our deepest meditations, and also channeled through the use of vibrations found in Chakra chanting meditations.

To deepen your personal insights, you may wish to join us for the transportive …

“Season of the Soul” Autumn Soundscape Meditation session which includes: guided breath work, Alchemy Chrystal singing bowls, Gongs and our facilitator Phoebe’s beautiful vocals. BOOK YOUR SPOT

In the Shed – Video Shoot of our Studio and Yogis

Bit of camera work around the studio last week … thanks to all our star yogis who stayed back and basically did another class after just finishing a one hour class. We can’t wait to share these footage with you.