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Oct 25, 2020

Meet Alan


Meet Alan.

A Photographer.

An Award winner.

An Entrepreneur.



Meet Alan a photographer whose passion is sharing not only the stories of the families he photographs but also stories about the community and winning international recognition for his images. Alan has been operating his Photobat photography business full time for 20 years now and focuses mainly on family portraits and business branding. When the whole lockdown bought everything to a grinding halt, Alan was still looking for ways to engage the community and also work out a way to document what was happening in this historic world event.  




During the time between the lockdowns, Alan dipped his toe (and the rest of him) into float sessions as a way of getting away from the strains of running a busy business. Being able to be in a space, away from the phone to decompress and get centred to be able to improve his focus with his clients and creativity. He even rushed in to grab one of the last sessions before the second lockdown set in. 



“Bayside At Home” Project

He came up with the idea of the Bayside At Home project with an idea to document a few families doing what they were doing to survive lockdown turned into photographing 100 families over 19 days. The whole project was designed around giving the community documentation of what life was like during lockdown while also giving families something to look forward to amongst the homeschooling and working. Alan believed this was an important record that the community needed so the whole project did not cost the families anything apart from five minutes to be photographed.

The resulting images have been turned into a book that now resides in the national, state and local libraries as well as with the Sandringham Historical Society. Every family also received a set of images for their own family records.

Along with that project, Alan also spent time working on previous images and recently managed to pick up multiple awards at the Rise International Photography Awards including becoming a finalist in two categories and winning two people’s choice awards. A huge effort considering that over 8000 images were entered and only 12 picked up those awards.  


If you would like to see Alan’s amazing photography, please visit below:

WEB: http://www.photobat.net/

INSTAGRAM: @photobat_alan

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