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Oct 18, 2020



Meet Donna.

An Inspiration.

An Athlete.

A Role Model.


Meet Donna who often trail blazes through ultramarathon races locally and around the world.  However, due to COVID, races and events are basically non-existent.  One thing for sure, when you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll find ways to not only continue doing them creatively but also create initiatives that can support great organisations along the way.  Here is where you can help support Donna in her initiative!

Donna Urquhart, a great friend and a client, has developed an incredible initiative to thank and support physiotherapists caring for patients with COVID-19 in our Melbourne Hospitals.

How did Donna Contribute?

Well, she participated in the IAU 6H Virtual Global Run, making 400 house loops during Melbourne Stage 4 Lock Down for a total of 6 HOURS, while her devoted husband weeded the garden along with an 8 year old and a few great supporting friends to cheer for her at the gate!  What an amazing accomplishment but definitely not an easy challenge.

As a physiotherapist and research scientist, Donna is acutely aware of the crucial role our specialist physiotherapists are playing during this pandemic, but at the same time the risk, fear and pressure they are under working on the frontline.



The initiative aims to

(1) thank our physiotherapists,

(2) educate the community about their important role and

(3) support under-funded, physiotherapy COVID-19 research.


About the initiative?

These aims will be achieved by creating Tribute Murals for 15 Melbourne Hospital physiotherapy teams. The Tribute Murals will be formed from a mosaic of photos from the community with an overlay of an image of a physiotherapist. They will also inform the community about how physiotherapists treat patients with COVID-19.

The funds will support under-funded research seeking to optimise the impact of physiotherapy treatments in COVID patients and understand the physiotherapy resources needed in a pandemic.


How can you help?

1) EMAIL A PHOTO to tribute4physios@gmail.com to be included in the Tribute Mural. Your photo will be the size of a postage stamp in the mural. It can be a selfie or group photo, depict the past or present, with or without a mask, and with a friend, pet or family member!


2) DONATE THE VALUE OF A COFFEE HERE: https://www.gofundme.com/f/a-tribute-to-frontline-physiotherapists.



She is trying to reach a goal of $2000 and she is getting so close – by Friday Oct 23rd 2020. 

Let’s help Donna reach her goal to support this amazing initiative and her inspiring commitment to raise awareness by running 400 Loops for 6 hours through STAGE 4 RESTRICTIONS!

If you would like to learn more about Donna, follow her on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/donna.urquhart.7731 

We encourage our community to support each other with any initiatives that continue to help each grow.  If you would like us to share your story, please don’t hesitate to contact us at enquiries@liquidroom.com.au.