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Enjoy a few calming breaths while we are
Oct 17, 2020



Meet Debra.

A Designer.

A Stylist.

An Entrepreneur.


As with all small businesses facing the challenges of being shut down or heavily restricted since March, Debra has been resilient and made the most of this time to take care of her own health and maintain focus on her core values – GREAT DESIGN from the heart.


“I love my Work-From-Home space where I create SoS SleepOnSilk.  I’m a photographic stylist/designer who worked in the advertising industry for over 30 years and went on a parallel direction after becoming interested in the amazing benefits of sleep for one’s immune system.  At SleepOnSilk, we’re passionate about all things to do with SLEEP and doing it beautifully as best we can!”



“Business has been challenging during ISO and I know I am not along in that, so to have the support from Liquid Room has been phenomenal as they were also experiencing challenges.  With ONLINE classes, phone chats and laughs, Ivy  has helped create a real sacred space for me to continue my wellness at home.   I’ve been blessed with a rare lung condition, so I do all I can to support my system, air quality and quality of my sleep.  As a regular at Liquid Room, FLOATS are a big part of my routine and is a conducive part of my healing and recovery.  I can’t wait to get back to the studio and FLOAT again. 

“As with YOGA, I feel very simpatico with the practices and philosophies that Ivy and her teachers offer.   Every time I walk into Liquid Room, I am greeted with loving kindness and treated with grace … THANK YOU and NAMASTE.” – Debra Bowen, Creator and Owner of SOS.



If you’re looking for something that feels soft and nurturing for a great night of SLEEP, Debra’s Silk Linen will do exactly that!  Please visit her website to show support, follow her on INSTAGRAM and/or simply sample one her amazing pillowslips! Debra’s passion for great design with SoS SleepOnSilk combining with the benefits of silk will provide you with the best SLEEP experience.

TOP FACT! Silk pillow cases will tame those morning bedheads, relieving our need to worry about our already unkept hairdos through this ISO! 

TOP FACT 2! Did you know SILK is also anti ageing due to the protein structure/content? Silk helps keep skin moisturised which is important to protect us from the harsh climate of Australia.

If you would like to see Debra’s Amazing design, please visit SOS SleepOnSilk: 

WEB: https://sos-sleeponsilk.com

INSTAGRAM: @sos_sleeponsilk

We encourage our community to support our local artist and creative professionals.  If you would like us to share your story, please don’t hesitate to contact us at enquiries@liquidroom.com.au.