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Feb 19, 2020

“To Be or Not To Be”

Expanding Consciousness and Meditation to Rewire the Brain and Enhance Creativity
“To Be or Not To Be ” – Expanding Consciousness and Meditation to rewire the brain and enhance creativity
with Lee & Glenn Perry
— A Video Presentation at Float Con 2019 —
Lee and Glenn Perry are the founders of the Samadhi Tank Company, the first manufacturer of floatation tanks.  They present at 2019 Float Conference to discuss expanding consciousness and using meditation in the float tank to rewire the brain and enhance creativity.
Working with neurologists about the brain’s DMN (Default Mode Network), which deactivates in people who meditate regularly. This opens their brain to a higher range of input, processing possibility similar to when they were children. This helps at better, outside the box problem solving that requires cognitive thought.  
Enjoy a this 30 minutes video as they share their insights.

Credit content: https://floatconference.com/videos/