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6 Ways Floating Will Make This Your Best Summer Ever

Nov 3, 2019

Want to feel energized, rejuvenated, and ready to make the most of this summer? Don’t just soak up the sun—soak up the saltwater!

Floating can actually make your busy summer even more enjoyable and stress free.

From reducing stress to boosting athletic performance to helping you sleep better, the many benefits of floatation therapy just might be the key to feeling your best this summer. Here’s how:

1) Reduce your stress

If, like many of us, you have trouble achieving true R&R on summer vacations, the solution might be learning to let go of stress in your daily life. Floatation therapy has been shown in study after study to help reduce stress levels and increase relaxation…no beach chair or paperback novel required.

2) Say bon voyage to jet lag

Many floaters can attest than an hour in a floatation tank feels as restful as four or more hours of sleep. This means that after hours of travel across time zones, scheduling a float upon arrival (on either end of your trip) can help you overcome the fatigue of jet lag!

3) Increase your focus—and your athletic performance

Professional and amateur athletes alike have reported experiencing increased focus, positive visualization, and speedier recovery from injury when floatation therapy is a part of their regular training routine. And academic studies agree: floating helps boost athletic performance! From running 5km to playing on the company softball team, if sports are a big part of your summer, the float tank may be the key to unlocking your best season yet.

4) Get a good night’s sleep

Between afternoon barbecues that stretch into late-night parties, packed vacation itineraries, and trying to make the most of these extended hours of daylight, getting a good night’s sleep tends to be low on the priority list during the summer months. It’s a shame, because getting enough sleep is one of the most important ways to keep your body feeling healthy and energized. The good news is that floating doesn’t just help you relax while you’re in the tank—some studies have shown it can improve the quality and duration of regular sleep habits as well.

5) Nourish your skin & hair

Playing bridesmaid (or bride!) this summer or heading off to a BIG EVENT? Don’t just go to the salon—schedule a trip to the float tank before the big day! Many floaters report that their skin and hair feels immensely softer and healthier after a float, most likely thanks to the high concentration of Epsom salts in the water. And even if there are no weddings on your social calendar, with summer’s increased humidity and sun exposure, an hour in the float tank will be a welcome relief!

6) Detox – Find hangover relief!

Last but not least, many of our clients report that floating acts like a cleanse, and helps the body push out toxins and feel replenished—especially after a night out on the town! Don’t waste any beautiful summer days nursing a hangover…just spend an hour in the float tank instead, and you’ll emerge feeling much more clear-headed and energised.

Ready to make floating part of your summer routine?

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