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Aug 15, 2019

5 Ways Floating Can Help Your Chronic Back Pain


Here are 5 reasons flotation therapy may be beneficial in easing your chronic back pain and compliment your therapeutic treatment such as physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy:

💧 Soaking in 650 kg of Epsom salt filled bath with 50% concentration of magnesium, your muscles are able to relax and unclench. This improves blood circulation to the tissues and muscles, allowing torn muscle fibers to repair themselves. This healing can provide longer lasting relief from back pain, even a few days or a week after you’ve left your 1 hr session.

💧 Relaxation through weightlessness and sensory deprivation is unlike any relaxation you can create at home in bed or sitting in your lounge room. The deep relaxation while floating decreases cortisol production, a hormone that causes the nervous system to go into overdrive. When there’s less cortisol, the nervous system can calm down, allowing for a decrease in feelings of pain, therefore relieving of your back pain.

💧 Relaxing in a float session allows for the production of endorphins, the “happy” chemicals produced by the brain. Sufferers are often impacted mentally by the limitation of their body therefore also suffers a mild to severe form of depression. Float encourages the production of endorphins promoting well-being and has been known to also dull pain responses.

💧 Spending time without the weight of gravity allows you to begin putting your back and shoulders into healthier, wellness-promoting positions that you may carry over into your day-to-day activities, easing pain in your back. By being weightless, your bones and joints are relieved from pressures of gravity pulling down; therefore allowing you to rest and recover.

💧Absorbing high levels of Magnesium during your float is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help relief types of back pain resulted from inflamed muscles and tissues. By decreasing the inflammation, your pain will decrease throughout your body.

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