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"How To Progress in Your Yoga Practice"

Feb 25, 2018

Have you just recently started to practice?

Have you been practicing for a while now and not feeling like you’re progressing?

Have you been practicing for a while and experiencing repeated injuries?

Have you been wanting to learn more advance postures like inversion or arm balances but is afraid to get into it?


Watch this clip as Ivy, our yoga teacher and owner of Liquid Room sharing her thoughts on a few things you should consider to progress further in your Yoga Practice.


Key highlights that helps progress in your yoga practice and daily lives:

  • Yoga practice is not just a physical practice but a practice which teachers us to better focus our minds.
  • Mentally prepare your mind before each and every yoga practice to help you learn to focus more on what your body is doing.
  • Taking time out from focussing on your daily functionality and learn to enter into ‘diffuse’ brain mode where your brain is taking a rest from reacting and actioning.
  • Studies shows that our brain when allowed to relax and rest, serves multiple adaptive functions such as future planning, sorting out current concerns, cycling through different information streams, distributed learning (versus cramming), and creativity.
  • Allowing your brain to enter ‘diffuse’ mode is what you often need to able to solve very difficult and new problem since you’re making space in your mind to tap into your deepest thoughts.
  • Simply taking breaks throughout your daily routine such as walks, meditation, yoga practice, or simply day dreaming on positive experiences will aid in you producing your best work, ultimately tapping into the best version of yourself.  In other words, taking ‘brain breaks’ throughout your day.

So simply put – Continuous exertion will only lead to stagnation energetically, mentally and physically.  Incorporating restorative practice and meditation helps to improve your overall perspective, therefore making room to progress further in whatever you do, i.e. your yoga practice.

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