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Dress to Sweat 

Jun 30, 2016


While it is important to dress to be comfortable in your yoga practice, however, it would also help to be looking gorgeous at the same time.  SoulSista have provided Liquid Room with a very exclusive sample of comfortable and casual yoga wear at the studio.



In its purest essence, SoulSista is a community of women who are connected through their philosophies, friendships and kindness.   Their yoga wear are of the highest quality of fabrics and designs.  Come at check out their selection before your next yoga class at our studio!

Shhh….Coming Soon!

We are working with SoulSista to bring you an exclusive selections of Liquid Room brand of yoga tops.  We are currently in the design phase and we will soon be asking you for your advise in choosing colours and styles in the coming weeks.  Watch this space for more updates!