Inhale... Exhale...
Enjoy a few calming breaths while we are

The number 4 is resonating with Liquid Room this week




We trust you are having a beautiful day full of love, success & gratitude.
For ourselves, we have been so grateful for these last few months at Liquid Room and meeting such kind and extraordinary people, such as yourself.


Did you know that we are also celebrating a few Milestones this June?

Curiously enough, they all seem to revolve around the number 4…


The Number 4 also relates to:
conviction, passion and drive


…and we have definitely sensed a lot of that lately at Liquid Room.


We have found 4’s in few places this June…


It is in both Ivy’s AND Tommy’s 40th Birthday this month!
(make sure to send them your Birthday wishes & pose for a selfie next time you are in the studio!)




So, we feel like celebrating a bit, and trust you do too. So at Liquid Room we are commemorating the occasion by sharing our new ‘4 Pamper Packages’, exclusive to the Liquid Room Community. ¬†That’s right, only for Liquid Room clients. We only have 40 packs¬†available and we want to give this wonderful opportunity to our beautiful clients who will appreciate it before we offer it to the public.
Webiste - Pkg 1 - Yoga


Webiste - Pkg 2 - INDI Float


Webiste - Pkg 3 - DOUBLE Float


Power of 4 - bliss pack