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Prenatal Yoga Classes

On Sunday (6 Weeks Course)
Yoga Class For Expectant Mothers


Our Prenatal Yoga Program is an opportunity for expecting mothers to come together in a supportive, nurturing environment and engage with the inspired teachings and mindful movement of Yoga.  Classes Incorporate restorative slow flow sequences, safe postures with emphasis on pelvic floor strength and structural alignment, nourishing breathing exercises for relaxation, birth preparation and meditation practices for connection with self and baby.

This is a 90 minute class suitable for women in their second, third or fourth trimester of pregnancy and will be guided by Liquid Room’s qualified pre-natal yoga teacher.  These classes focusses on helping mothers release any anxieties while creating space to master your mind and body; building the physical, mental and emotional confidence to birth your child and prepare for motherhood.

6 Weeks Course for $140.  Sunday @ 11:15am to 12:45pm (90 mins). Spaces are limited.  

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**If you are pregnant and experiencing a long-term condition or complication, please take time to chat with your teacher.  You will required to fill in a form prior to your first session at Liquid Room.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier for your first class.   We also recommend starting this class from 2nd trimester.

Terms and Conditions:

These sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable. These sessions expires in 4 months from date of purchase. If you do not attend any of the sessions before the end of your pregnancy, any unused session(s) will not be refunded or credited into your account.

Meet Mim Taylor

Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Mim sees each day on the mat as an opportunity to learn grow and explore our own conscious awareness. She will encourage you to view your yogic practice as a powerful tool that creates expansive connection at a profoundly deep level. Her classes will guide you through energising and restorative vinyasa sequences and as movement and breath intertwine; the process to mastering mind and body starts to uncover. Mim enjoys inspiring students to see the best in themselves by building self trust, connection to heart and true potential.

After giving birth to her first son in 2014, Mim discovered a heart-felt interest in empowering women to approach pregnancy and motherhood with a sense of fearlessness and increased confidence, encouraging unique connection to both themselves and baby. Her prenatal classes offer rejuvenating slow flow, with a focus on stability and alignment, pranayama, visualisation and relaxation techniques, drawing upon her knowledge of reiki and life coaching.

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