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Every Wednesday at 7:45pm

Guide Your Mind To Relaxation

Meditation in itself does a lot of wonders to one’s overall well-being – – mind, body and spirit.  Most meditation practices can be done without any instructor, however, it is much more ideal to have somebody lead you through the meditating process, helping you achieve a higher level of peacefulness.

Through proper guidance, you can learn to achieve clarity in your mind therefore helping you focus on things which truly matter in your life.

So, please join our Meditation class and allow our experienced meditation teacher to guide you into deep relaxation and self awareness.

When? Every Wednesday at 7:45pm (45 min)

Meet Kat John

Meditation Teacher

Kat teaches meditation classes, programs and retreats for men and women. Her specific focus is visualisation, self enquiry and self empowerment, guiding people to feel inspired to make positive changes in their life. 

Kat guides her clients to ease common life hindrances such as anxiety, stress, worry and doubt; encouraging them to take necessary steps to live a more peaceful life. You can expect to experience visual imagery, deep healing and a sense of empowerment. 

Nursing and Psychology is her professional background. In an industry that primarily deals with people’s symptoms rather than providing tools to help a person empower their own life, it was time for Kat to move on and deliver what people needed.

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