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Vinyasa Yoga Flow, Foundation Yoga for Beginners, Slow Flow Yoga, Gentle Flow Yoga, Meditation, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama / Breathwork, and many more …


Audio Guided Meditation, 

30 Minutes Yoga Flow

… are accessible anytime and with many more to follow.

Try our online classes from the comfort of your HOME .

Remember, your wellness is more important now than ever! 

This is for Everyone!



How are you helping us by signing up for Weekly Unlimited and Existing Member Continuing their membership?

We have worked tirelessly to diversify and we thank you for your support by simply SHOWING UP FOR OUR FIRST WEEK OF FREE TRIAL during MARCH!

  • REACH 100 members – will help us pay for 10 LIVE Classes, keeping our Teachers employ and our business afloat running under this platform to continue for the next 2 weeks.
  • REACH 150 members –  will help us pay for up to 20 LIVE Classes, keeping our Teachers employ with more variety of classes and our business running under this platform for the rest of the month.
  • PLEASE SHARE with your Friends, Families near and far, to help us maintain this positive momentum that we have worked so hard in creating while we wait for our studio to reopen again!

We need your support. Our staff need your support!

PLEASE SHARE this Link -> http://liquidroom.com.au/online-yoga-meditation

We are continuously working on providing all our Liquid Room members and non-members with more online interactions, free meditation, LIVE Q&A and conversations while we are all supporting this pandemic by staying at home!

Your wellness is more important now than ever!



CURRENT MEMBERS, Why you should continue your membership with us?

🎈10 or 20 class pass members – we  will PAUSE and extend your expiry until we re-open again.  At the meantime, enjoy UNLIMITED YOGA by signing up to our $20 / week option!

🎈 Unlimited Monthly Members – when our studio re-opens, for the first month, you will receive 50% discount, and for every your account remain active while we were closed  BONUS! You will receive 1 FREE FLOAT for every month you remain active with us through this period to enjoy.



We are using ZOOM to allow a more interactive Face-to-Face classes and also YouTube channel to stream other LIVE and pre-recorded videos.  This is all new to us, so please be patient while we are working through with improving the use of technology that will have the best quality of experience.

Coming Soon:

  1. LIVE Meditation
  2. LIVE Chats and Discussions with your teachers
  3. LIVE Pranayama / Breathwork
  4. LIVE Philosophy and Discussions

Why do we schedule our online classes? 

To ensure that you enjoy classes as if you’re at the studio,  we believe in scheduled classes to help you remain focus and in routine while you are staying more at home.   In addition, pre-recorded classes remain available for the rest of the day and LIVE classes will be accessible 1 hour after scheduled class.

***  Rest assure that by continuing your membership with us, you will benefit from your interactions with an amazing community of teachers and students PLUS MORE!

*** Equally important, by continuing your support through this challenging times, you will help us keep this Peaceful Space continue its operation throughout this challenging times. We are committed to continuing our quality services to support your journey of wellness, which is more important now than ever. ***


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