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Sound Healing and Floatation

Liquid Room & Healing Delight are proud to present a very unique experience; the first of its kind in Australia!


Enjoy a One-on-One Private Sound Healing Session ‘Floating in Water’ while relaxing in our SPACIOUS Float Room filled with highly concentrated Epsom salt water.

This is a innovative healing method which combines the healing benefits of floatation and the healing benefits of sound through crystal singing bowls, the qualities of water as the best conduit in nature allowing sound to travel 4 times faster than in air and the intention of Ami as a healer.

You will be floating in a highly concentrated Epsom salt water that is rich in magnesium which helps reduce pain, stress and promote ‘whole-brain’  thinking.  Since water is a major carrier of healing energy to the body, you’ll experience sound vibrations that will be absorbed by each and every cell in your body.  This session will enhance and empower your relaxation, meditative and healing journey, while Ami supports and guides you through an experience you’ll never forget.

Cost: $198 per person for 60 mins.


Upcoming dates for 2017:

October 15th from 3pm onwards. Only 3 Sessions Available!

Please contact 03 9598 9313 to make bookings.


Meet Ami Hasson

Ami has always been a kindred spirit in service throughout his life, with many challenges he had to face and overcome. Ami started his Path of healing practice to the public in 2010 under the name ‘Healing Delight’ after many years of rich experience with Music. Since then Ami facilitated thousands of Meditation groups, private sessions, Workshops, concerts & special events/retreats. Ami’s sessions are a unique healing experience. A beautiful sacred space is created where you can relax, rejuvenate, meditate, connect with yourself on a deeper level and receive healing by pure sounds, frequencies and Love.


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