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Policy and Safety Guidelines

Float, Yoga and Massage

Dear Liquid Room Community,




FLOAT + MASSAGE is RE-OPENING ON MONDAY JUNE 22ND 2020.  Bookings are open!




** MASSAGE APPOINTMENTS – Please contact us on 03 95989313 to make your booking.  We do not accept email bookings at this time.




FOLLOWING ARE SAFETY MEASURES WE HAVE TAKEN AS A RESPONSE TO GLOBAL PANDEMIC COVID-19 VIRUS – UPDATED SINCE July 5th 2020 and is subjected to change, so please check this page before you arrive.

As a wellness studio, we take good hygiene practices really seriously and to further enhance our already strict practices, we will continue to take extra measures to ensure that our studio remains a safe environment for our community.

Please understand that these measures are important to our greater community as we are taking active and practical response to help alleviate any unnecessary concerns from our members while doing our part to help our health organisations to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 virus.

We are reaching out to you to join us in exercising patience during these trying times as we try to approach this global issue with a temporary practical solution that has been shown to be very effective with most updated advise and requirements from our Federal and State Government.

Equally important, by continuing your support through these challenging times, you will help us keep this Peaceful Space continue its operation throughout these challenging times. We are committed to continuing our quality services to support your journey of wellness, which is more important now than ever. ***

We have categorised our information into 3 Sections:

Please scroll down further below for more details.



  1. Do not visit the studio or attend a class if you have signs of fever, cough, cold, sore throat, or have traveled overseas and restricted areas in the last 14 days or have had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19.
  2. We will continue our regular and also increase our practices of disinfecting all surfaces more than multiple times per day, in particular before and after each yoga classes, float and massage session.
  3. There will implementation of a strict distance of 1.5m apart between members.
  4. We have Hand Sanitiser available throughout the studio to be used, especially as you enter and before leaving Liquid Room. This is a requirement for everyone in order to continue your experience at Liquid Room.
  5. We have placed infusers with a natural blend of essential oils that are highly disinfectant to ensure our air is purified during each class and throughout the studio.
  6. Our staff will consistently be practicing good hygiene throughout their support whilst in the studio and we require that all attendees respect their requests and responsibilities.
  7. Our staff will also be screened for any symptoms and will be refrain from teaching, supporting or providing services if they have any symptoms of cold, coughing or sneezing.
  8. All our staff will be COVID-19 infection control certified.
  9. We will keep an accurate record of every client.  Please make sure your details are up to date in our system.
  10. We advised that all our client download COVIDSafe app onto your mobile device to help with contact tracing.
  11. In the event that a client is affected, we will quickly and effectively contact those necessary – as per the contact tracing process.







  1. FLOAT ROOMS: Our FLOAT ROOMS are filled with highly concentrated Epsom salt with the recommended dose of bromine to ensure no bacteria or viruses can survive in the solution. FLOAT ROOMS have been declared as the lowest risk environment due to the recommended showers and no touching of face while floating which conforms to good hygiene practice.
  2. TOWELS: All our TOWELS for FLOAT and MASSAGE are commercially supplied and cleaned under high-temperature wash cycles.
  3. We disinfect all Float and Massage areas before and after every use.
  4. All Staff, Therapists and Clients are required to use Hand Sanitiser before (upon entering the studio) and after treatment (upon leaving the studio or treatment room).
  5. POST TREATMENT: We are maintaining our POST FLOAT + MASSAGE TEA experience while practicing safety hygiene using disposable cups and ensuring safe distancing.  This is still an important element in your Experience.
  6. SAFE DISTANCE: Safe Distance is strictly practiced while in the studio – 1.5 m distance apart from another individual not from your household.
  7. TOILET: Float and Massage clients will be designated a specific toilet to be used at the studio.  Please follow signs and guidelines once in studio.
  8. APPOINTMENTS and AVAILABILITY: We have reduced our hours of operation and appointment availabilities to allow more time for our staff to implement all safety practices.  As we are limited in our appointments per day, requesting for a specific therapist will be subject to their availability.  All our Float and Massage appointments have been scheduled further apart to allow extra cleaning time.
  9. HEALTH AND SAFETY: We will also be turning away anyone who has symptoms of cold, cough or even sneezing. These are important measures that are only temporary. **Cancellation upon refusal will not result in any late cancellation penalty. Please respect our need to enforce this to ensure safety for all and peace of mind.**
  10. CLIENT DETAILS: All bookings require details to be updated such as Full Name, Email and Mobile number.
  11. PAYMENTS: All Float appointments must be prepaid prior to booking.
  12. All Massage appointments require a credit card deposit of $60 to secure the appointment.
  13. CANCELLATIONS OR NO SHOW: Any Float No Show or Cancellations less than 24hours will be subjected to 100% penalty which will result in loss of float session paid.  Any Massage No Show or Cancellations less than 24 hours will be subjected to 100% loss of deposit of $60.
  14. Please respect these changes and guidance from our Studio Support Staff as this is important to ensure that our studio maintains best practices to ensure safety and peaceful environment for everyone.

Failure to respect our policies could result in individuals being asked to leave the premises.



We would like to reassure you that your experience of FLOAT at the studio is really safe as the shower before float and after float is the best defense.  

As floater are advised to never touch their eyes, mouth or face due to discomfort from high concentration of Epsom salts – you can rest assured that your risks are significantly reduced.








***  We will continue to offer a few LIVE / REPLAY / Pre-recorded Online classes in addition to studio classes to allow our members who feel more comfortable practicing at home to continue practicing YOGA, YIN and MEDITATION.

Rest assured that by continuing your membership with us, you will benefit from your interactions with an amazing community of teachers and students both ONLINE and IN-STUDIO.

As we are preparing to re-open, please remain patient as we are working carefully towards our launch date which will be announced soon.

At the meantime, please familiarise yourself with the following guidelines at the studio.

  1. MAX 10 ATTENDEES: We have reduced the yoga class size to only 10 mats until further notice by the state government, allowing at least 1.5m distance between individuals as advised by government and health authorities to be a safe distance as of June 2020.
  2. SAFE DISTANCE: Safe Distance is strictly practiced while entering the premises, in the studio and as you leave the studio – 1.5 m distance apart from another individual not from the same household.
  3. PLEASE KEEP NOISES LOW while inside studio to avoid disrupting other yogis and sound travelling to into our Float rooms.
  4. ENTERING AND EXITING: Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class stats.  We ask that all attendees to please leave the class as soon as the class ends as no clustering or gatherings are allowed within our limited space inside and outside the premises.
  5. BOOKINGS: Please book via online only through MINDBODY app or our website at www.liquidroom.com.au when we announce our opening date. Only 1 Class Booking per day.
  6. CLIENT DETAILS: All bookings require details to be updated such as Full Name, Email, Address and Mobile number.
  7. PAYMENTS: All Yoga and Meditation classes must be prepaid prior to booking.
  8. CANCELLATION / NO SHOW: As we are only limited to 10 attendees, any cancellations or no show less will be subjected to a loss of a class pass; Unlimited Members will be subjected to a penalty charge of a reduced casual class rate of $18/class.  We understand that there are times where unforeseen circumstances may occur, we urge that all our yogis be mindful of the challenges we are facing with limited mat space and people who are placed on a waiting list. Please cancel class via MindBody App or via email enquiries@liquidroom.com.au within the time restrictions stated above. No phone cancelations are allowed.
    1. MORNING Classes: Please CANCEL before 8pm the night before.
    2. EVENING Classes: Please CANCEL your class 2 hours before class starts.
  9. WAITLIST: Will be available if the class is full and you will be automatically added to class once a spot is available. Please check your email within two hours for evening classes or before 8pm the night before for morning classes to see if you have been enrolled in class. PLEASE CHECK CLASS SCHEDULE at least 30 minutes before class to see if spots are available so you can book a spot in the event that we have cleared the WAITLIST. Things can change quickly!
  10. PROPS AVAILABILITY: Mats, Bolsters, straps, blocks and blankets are no longer available as props during classes. Please bring your own moving forward.  Yin/Meditation practitioners to please blankets (at least 2 if you don’t have bolster), blocks and straps. We will assist you with variations to help you get comfortable if you do not have certain props.  
  11. BUYING LIQUID ROOM PROPS: We will be offering Yogis the option to buy Liquid Room existing Quality Props that have been previously sanitised and have been unused for the last 3 months at a reasonable cost.  We are limited to selling what we have so, please express your interest via email to enquiries@liquidroom.com.au. Cost will be available soon.
  12. HYGIENE: There will be hand sanitisers available for every attendee to use on entry to the studio and exit. Yogis will have it available outside class to be used after class finishes. We require every individual to use it upon entering and leaving.
  13. TOILETS/SHOWER/CHANGEROOM: Yogis will be designated a specific toilet to be used at the studio. There will no longer be any change-room or shower facilities available until further notice.
  14. Please follow signs and guidelines once in the studio.
  15. DRINKS: Please bring your own water bottle as we are no longer providing shared use of water or tea.  We also have drinks available for purchase at the studio.
  16. HEALTH SAFETY: We will turn any yogis away who have symptoms of cold, coughing, and sneezing, and strongly urge that you stay at home until fully recovered. **Cancellation upon refusal will not result in any late cancellation penalty. Please respect our need to enforce this to ensure safety for all and a peace of mind.**
  17. SCHEDULES: At this stage, we are still finalising schedules and workshops.  Please continue to support our business and continue to practice self care for yourself by attending ONLINE classes until our date of re-opening.
  18. LOCKERS: We recommend that you only bring props and what you need into the studio as Lockers are not available at this time.
  19. ARRIVAL: Please ensure that you arrive in class only 5 minutes before class start and leave the class and studio immediately after class finish.  This will help us ensure that we continue to adhere to restrictions that are currently in place.
  20. LIVE ONLINE: There will be certain classes that will be LIVE STREAM to yogis at home.  You will be notified in advance when these classes take place.

Failure to respect our policies will result in you being asked to leave the premises.






We need your support now more than ever and we need to do our best to take practical measures and continue to LIVE our BEST LIVES.

Thanks all for your cooperation and understanding. We hope that by putting in these measures, we can continue to operate in the safest way to provide you with the opportunity to seek respite from all the fear and anxiety over the pandemic of this virus.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe,

Stay calm,

Stay Supportive,

Stay kind,

and remember everything is TEMPORARY.


With peace and love,

Ivy Evenden

Co-Owner / Co-Director / Yoga Teacher

Ivy yoga teacher at liquid room

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